Alpenglo Media is a full service video production house located in Avon, CO. Longtime friends Derek George and Tyler Wells recognized a need in the Vail Valley for a production company that could take an idea from concept to completion, and founded Alpenglo Media in 2015. Both George and Wells have backgrounds in filmmaking—George with a BFA in Filmmaking from CU Boulder, and Wells with a bachelor’s degree from The Art Institute of Colorado where he studied video-compositing and non-linear editing.


Technology has come a long way since the days of developing long rolls of film and then literally cutting them up with a razor blade and taping them back together. These days, Alpenglo Media uses the latest ultra high definition cameras, aerial drones, and stabilization technology to create dramatic footage, while maximizing portability for remote shoots. From the client’s perspective, this means they can get shots that were once thought of as only obtainable for big budget Hollywood films, while keeping production costs low and turn-around times short.